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Is there a way to set up a Vendor and Customer that every time I create an invoice it already has a default account?

example. ABC Co. is our lessor, so when I create an invoice the the following expense account should already be in the purchase line (chart of account expenses):

Common Area Charges


You can create a new invoice for a customer/vendor and then use the function copy document for copying an old invoice.

Another way is to do some developping: add a new table under vendor/customer in which you put the lines that must be copied onto the invoice in case that vendor/customer is used. In the OnModify-trigger of table 38 or 36 you check if the buy-from-vendor or sell-to-customer has been changed and if it has changed, add the records from the new table to table 39 or 37.

In Navision you have standard codes. In Standard codes you can define create purchase lines / sales lines related to an account (Customer / Vendor) That lines in orders can be items / GL Accounts, etc.

When you want that those lines be insert automatically in order you simply make Functions → Get Std. Purchase Codes. And you will have all lines that you have defined copied to order.

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