default email address IN NAVISION

We send email to hotel partner by Navision default email address:, the hotel can receive the email from us. But when they reply the same email address at:, it will be returned.

So, can I Navision default email address to


Not quite sure what your actual problems and if it actually has anything to do with NAV.

I think that it has something to do with the way you are sending your emails. If you are sending your emails using Outlook then it will always be Outlook who is setting the sender email according to the users Outlook setup.

Instead you can use the SMTP protocol to send your mails, as here you can specify the sender email.

Hi Erik,

we are using the classic client 2009, I guess there is table or a code unit which I can set the sender e-mail address from. The problem is our senior developer is in holiday and I have to discover this (since Iam kinda new in the field).

The user send the Mail from Navision classic clients and the user account is connected to a mail address, I want to change the user mail address.

Thanks for the help

I dont know the customization did at your end

But you can Check the user setup table for the same.

what I meant is, how can I change the user default mail in Navision. Let say the user send an invoice to a company using the classic clients user mail is and now I want to change this mail. How can I trace this problem.

What happens when you send an email? Does it just send in the “background” or does it open Outlook and send the mail using Outlook?

You can check in SMTP Mail setup…

It is send in the back ground


this is the related code I guess, if it would provide anyhelp?

IF Recipients <> ‘’ THEN







Mail.FromName := SenderName;

Mail.FromAddress := SenderAddress;

Mail.“To” := Recipients;

Mail.Subject := Subject;

Mail.Body := Body;

Mail.HtmlFormatted := HtmlFormatted;

Did you check from where SenderAddress data is coming from.

Like Company setup you have email address or in user setup or in SMTP Setup.

How to know from where its comming?

How to know from where its comming?

Most probably they filter every email, tell them first to include you in their email white list for every email you send will not bounce back.