Default Dimension-Detail & Total shows no data.

I am using Navision W1 3.60 default Cronus Database and try to print/preview dimension-detail and dimension-total report using any given analysis view code but there is no data shown. Going from accounts schedule and analysis by dimension does show data. Anyone can help ? Thanks.

Hi Chew, Have you updated Analysis View Card?To update the Analysis View Card select General Ledger->Setup->Dimensions->Analysis Views.

Hi Rajesh Jaiswal, Thanks but I had updated all the analysis view already. Still there is no detail. Are you able to get it for the default Cronus Database and which version yours can work ?

Hi, I am working on ver. 3.6.Can you check the condition(filters) on your Analysis View.Might be filter set is wrong in your Analysis view.

Hi, Using Cronus Default Database provided, Analysis View Code : CAMPAIGN Include Dimensions : G/L Account Date Filter : 01/01/00…31/12/01 Print empty Lines : Checked Shows Amount in Add. Reporting Currency : Unchecked I had tried all different Analysis View Code, Include Dimensions and Date filter combinations provided and only in Accounts Schedule and Anaysis by Dimenson shows data. But not in Dimension - Details and Dimensions - Total Reports. Quite puzzling here.