default cube fixing

Apologies in advance - I am neither an AX or SQL Analyses expert. We have yet to go live with AX2009 but we’re having trouble with installation - in particular with reference to configuring the default OLAP cubes due to configuration keys etc.

I’m using the Default Cube advisor Tool, which has successfully guided me through amending a couple of named queries.

Next in the list is the following; (this is the first cube, Accounts payable)

1.2 Following Dimensions and/or Dimension attributes are referenced by the cube. They need to be fixed or removed since dimension members’ source data from tables that are no longer valid given disabled configuration keys (The dimension name listed below is the cube dimension. You need to fix the shared dimension referenced by the cube.)

Dimension Attribute Recommended action

Company information Reporting Currency ID Remove attribute
Company information Triangulation currency Remove attribute
Vendor Master Femaled Owned Remove attribute
Vendor Master Minority Owner Remove attribute

Here’s where I’m stuck. I don’t see “Company information” in the Cube dimension list, but it does seem to exist in the shared cube list. The inverse is true of the “Vendor Master” which does exist in the cube list but not the shared list.

Can anyone shed any light here, or have any other methods for fixing these cubes with more automation?