Default batch


When our client create a production picking list journal, the default batch number is already set to a particular batch number. How can we change the default batch number for the BOM component item? I check the bom lines, there is no batch number specified.


The reservation is made at pick, you need to change this before posting the journal, this means you cannot auto-post the journal.

Thanks AdamRoue,

Where can I find the reservation for this BOM component?

It depends upon your process. Have a look at the transaction on the item in teh component, but it depends if you forward or back flush or manually create a pick list etc.

I manually create the picking list journal.


So if you are manually creating hte pick list why are you not changing the serial number prior to posting it?

The customer just want to have a default batch even manually create a picking list journal. They can change the batch number prior to posting it, but they would like to have the correct default batch number, since there are so many lines in the picking list journal.


The client just need the default correct batch number when creating a picking list journal, since there are so many lines. If they change the batch number one by one, that is very time-consuming. So they are after a way to set up the default batch number.


Define what the customer means by “correct”.

If the system is reserving it is doing so and suggesting the batch they should pick, this can then be presented on teh picking list, they are changing it to be the incorrect batch - so then the question is why are they changing it? What is the pickign process and stock management in this process. They cannot claim the “correct” batch because it is the one they have simply used. AX will pick this on lowest batch number or FEFO depending upon version/MDIS, why do they think it is not correct is the issue.

Analyse the process and the requirements against what AX can do.