Deemed Export

Hi all,

[NAV 5.0 SP1 and NAV 2009 SP1]
How can we segregate the Deem Export Transactions from the Posted Sales Invoice history ??

  1. Bill-to Country/Region Code and 2. Export or deemed export are the only key fields of Posted Sales Invoice to segregate same ??

Kindly reply !!!

Plz share if any other info are there ?

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If it on Posted Sales Invoice, copy that form in 50k series and on one of those keep the filter.

As kapil sugggested you cn have a form where filtered records (for Deemed Export boolean) are shown or you can prepare a report displaying the records.


How can you have come know that these are deemed export and not export ?? B’cos Export or deemed export is always TRUE when it is export order.

If sell/bill to country code is equal to company information/location country code than it is deemed export else export.