Deduction Requirements


What does it really mean by “Deduction Requirements” in AX? I can understand the “Picking requirements”, it seems the similar thing?


It works in case of negative purchase orders(return/credit notes), the items need to be deducted physically before a financial update(packing slip has to posted before posting an invoice). This parameter works along with invoice matching.

If you select Deduction Requirements at Inventory model group, then item deductions must be physically updated before they can be financially updated and packing slip must be entered and posted before the corresponding vendor invoice can be posted.

Hi guys! I can’t make this work for AX 2009 but could test it in AX2012. Picking requirement is working fine, but I can post the invoice without the prior packing list. I guess I’m just missing sth, what do you suggest?


Hi Kranthi,

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