Declaration of sales Tax report sales tax is not specified

Hi all,

kindly look into my issuse,

In ax 4.0> GL> Reports> Transaction> Declaration of sales Tax report.

When i’m trying to generate a report for dates 1st march to 31st march for dimension “BLR”. it is giving an

error as “Sales Tax has not been specified”. Most interesting in error is, “i tried giving dates apart form 1st to 31st march” the report will generate without error and required information from dimension BLR.

When I chose Dimension “CHN as Chennai” it will generate full report with all information with input of all dates.

the oly problem is when im trying to generate a report for 1st-31st march for BLR-Bangalore dimension it will

give error sales tax not specified.

There are 4 dimension BLR,CHN,MUM and HYD. Only error with BLR dimension

Please somebody help me