Decimal value problem in Real for AX 2009

Hi All,

I am working in ax 2009 .

i have changed the real property in for the cost amount edt where i put the no. of decimal points as 16,

I have a form InventAdjInventOnHand where we have a field called edit now so the field will accept 16 decimals.

In the form i click on select and select an item then it will fetch the record in the form , when i click on edit now and then click on adjustment then on amount it pops up a window where I enter vaulue like 12.45122445121

when i click on ok

then in the form it will get saved as 12.450000000000

when ever i am entering any vaulue like 12.457754454 the data is getting saved as 12.45000000000


This and this may be helpful.



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