Decimal points

Hi Is it possible to change the setting on our UK account so that decimal points and commas are the correct way round ? Version 3.10A DK / SQL server 2000 Regards Karl

Not sure if this is responsive, but possibly through the Regional and Language Options function on Windows Control Panel?

Not a problem - It’s not pretty, but it will work. First off, you will need to have your result be in a text variable… TextValue := FORMAT(Value,0,'<Integer><1000Character,.><Decimal,3><Comma,,>'); will give you 1.000.000,00 TextValue := FORMAT(Value,0,'<Integer><1000Character,,><Decimal,3><Comma,.>'); will give you 1,000,000.00 You might wonder why I have the decimal to 3 - But it appears that the Comma is counted as one also…