decimal places

I cannot add two deceimal places in item card invoicing tab for item code unit cost if I enter 55.10

it is saying that the field can have a maximum if 0 decimal places.

even in general ledger setup also decimal places not accpting.

please help me.


Abdul Haq

Hi Abdul,

Check you General Ledger Setup table to see what the Unit-Amount Rounding Precision and Unit-Amount Decimal Places are set to.

I checked the G/L Table the unit amount rounding precision is " Decimal" and the unit amount decimal places is “text and 5”

i think you need to look at Currencies, select your currency, Card, Rounding Tab, Unit-Amount Decimal Places. if you want to show 5 digit, write there: 0:5

IT WAS 2:5 in curriency card but I changed to 0:5 still the same no effect