Decimal Places on Reports


I have a field on a report with a decimal place value set to <2:2>

This means minimum of 2, maximum of 2 decimal places, doesn’t it?

I have a report and it doesn’t seem to work, it only wants to show 1 decimal place. Any ideas what to do? I need 2 places really, even if it’s a zero.

Thanks all. [:)]

Hi Nigel,

Is this a “classic” NAV report or RDLC?

I believe it’s a classic one.

Look at the decimal property of that textbox.

And make sure that the field that you want to print with two decimals actually is a decimal field and that it has not been “converted” to a text field first (I have seen this error before). Because otherwise your setting is correct, it’s the DecimalPlaces property that is used to define it.

(Amol: There is no property called Decimal on textboxes!).

Nigel, did this solve you problem?