Decimal places in the Trial Balance Detail/Summary Report

When running the detailed version of the Trial Balance Detail/Summary Report, the Debit and Credit Activities columns show a mixture of values that have no decimal places, a single decimal place, and two decimal places. In object designer, in the classic sections, I can find the decimal format of <2:2>, but in the RTC layout, I’m unable to find the format location. I would like all values to show 2 decimal locations.


if you are using ax2012 you can format option in SRS text box properties.

Using Nav 2009 R2


i think i got ur ques,ok go to the field which u want 2 decimal places to be placed and got that properties give format property as- N2

Where do I set that? The current code is=Code.BlankZero(Fields!DebitAmount.Value). The totals for each column has 2 decimal places and the total code is =code.SetSumDebitValue(0)/2 ''Sum(Fields!TotalActivitiesDebit.Value) ‘’

wr r u writing that code in the value or expression

This is a stock form from NAV 2009 R2. In classic I see the Decimal format <2:2>, but not as familiar with the layout properties. The values that are not displaying the 2 decimal places in RTC are coming from the code above. If I’m leaving out necessary info, I apologize. Some values come through as 6.1 rather than 6.10, where as the same report ran in classic always gives 6.10.

In RTC click the textbox for the values and then RightClick and choose the Properties Option. A properties Window will open . Click the Format tab over there. Click the Format code Option and choose the format u want for the values to be displayed…I hope this will solve ur problm…

Thanks to Archita and Upender, the format worked. I had some odd value in there that was default programming, once I changed the format to N2, all is working.

In the layout area, click on the item you want to modify and review the properties. There’s a Format field and I have used #,###.00 successfully