Decimal places for item consumption vary in BOM Line & Picking list in AX 2012

Hi Forum,

As in standard AX 2012 BOM Line item consumption qty field shows 4 decimal places,but in Production picking list it shows only 2 decimal places(AX rounds upto 2 decimals in Picking list).

If we have defined consumption qty in BM as 0.0010 & for that we try to post the picking list the inventory transactions are showing 0.00 qty.

Wanted to understand weather standard AX actually consumes the BOM qty (0.0010) or not ?

How can we handle the situation ? Can we make picking list decimal places upto 4 without any customization or any other setup is there to correct the same?


Nitin Patel

I think that you can increase the number of decimal places with a developer help, but I think you can also create or use (if it already exist) other unit of measure to enter the quantity with two decimals, for instance, if 0.0010 are kilograms, enter them in grams (0.001 kg = 1.00 grs)

Hector is correct,

We did this by updating the InventQTY EDT ‘NoOfDecimals’ field to 4. This will increase the physical quantity fields systemically however, so please be mindful of this change. The database supports even higher precision, but we only went with 4 as that is what we required.


I also believe AX handles this as standard, you can consume 0.001 9 times and it shows nothing, on the 10th it shows a stock reduction of 0.01. Partly to do with display methods but behind the scenes it tracks to more decimal places - not helpful as you cannot see it, but thought I would mention it.

Thanks AdamRoue, good to know that

May i know how did you make Pick List Report?

On the parameters at the start of production they would have selected the option to print the picking list.

In ax 2012 they replace the standard pick list that’s why i need to make a new Pick List.