Debugging BaseApp in sandbox

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I am trying an standard functionality into BC 15.4 on a sandbox, and I’m getting an error. I’m deploying wiht F5 an extension, hoping that when the error appears, the execution will stop at least in a .dal file, but nothing.

So my question is… Is it possible to debug the baseApp into a sandbox?

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For the debugger to stop on an error, you need to set the ‘breakOnError’ property in your launch.json to ‘true’

Hello Daniel,

FIrst of all, thanks for your answer. BreakOnError property was already set to true, but nothing…

Please have a look at this link: -

Thansk for your answer. So basicaly, there is no way to debug baseApp in a sandbox. The only trick is to create a function subscribed to the nearest event in the base functionality we want to debug, and put the breakpoint on it.

AM I right??

Standard BC v16 sandbox container, standard AL: Go! workspace (which includes a launch.json with the BreakOnError property turned on), hit F5 to deploy it to my container with the debugger. Created a new sales order and entered a silly value into the Customer number, and it breaks right where I expected, in the Customer.dal object file:

I don’t know what you are doing that you’re not telling us, but it is supposed to break on error, and open the object where the error happens

This is probably not helping you solve the issue, but at least this shows what is supposed to happen

Hello Daniel,

I am using sandbox15.4. I am trying to create a purchase order from the sales order. As you can see, I have the breakOnError property turned on, and the debugger is running…

I came across this today and I could debug base code.