Debugging AX Inbound Service Operation with Biztalk Adapter + AX 2009

Hello All,

I am currently working with AX 2009 and i am stuck with some validation errors when messages are sent to AX via Biztalk Adapter.

I need to debug this create service operation, to get to know what is happening during validation.

Is there a way i can debug the inbound create service operation in AX 2009? I do have the sample files that i want to process it against?


Swetha K Desai

Yes, it’s possible. Please look at Debugging AIF Web Services on AX Support Team blog.

Thanks for your reply Martin.

I did read through the blog. For the point number 7, i am not sure how exactly do i run the webservice code when i have an xml file to pass through.

For Ex:
My service operation that i need to debug is Integration.create, which is invoked from Biztalk adapter.
I have the XML which is input to Biztalk.

Swetha K Desai

Well, I must have misunderstood something. Where do you get those validation errors, if you don’t know how to run the service?

Hi Martin,

The xml files are sent from Biztalk and we are seeing these errors in AIF exceptions.

Biztalk calls our action endpoint Integration.create. But now for our debugging purposes, we need to invoke this action endpoint from within AX 2009

Swetha Desai

Aha, so you don’t want to test the integration, you want to merely simulate the service.

You can either call the document service directly (if the problem is a later step and you know how to create suitable test data), or manipulate messages in AIF queues (such as reactivating a message sent by BizTalk and processing it again).