Debugger problem

Dear User,

Am not able to find in which part the error is, my debugger has both option Active & breakpoint on triggers had been ticked, my DB is not showing the correct spot for the error. Is there any solution for this to solve the problem. Kindly help me in solving this.



You have not told anyone what the problem is [:D]

No personal support from me either I am afraid, so please do not email me expecting any.

Without knowing details I would recomend to uncheck the “Breakpoint on triggers” and rerun. If your Error depends on a C/SIDE comand like ERROR(), TESTFIELD() or something else debugger would stop in the line or , maybe, the line above.

Hello Seshadri,

If NAV is showing you any error message, then there is no need to turn on the breakpoint…! You only active the debugger, it will show you the line where the error is coming from.

If there isn’t any error you are getting and you are not getting the data also, then you have to turn on the breakpoint and debugger both. You can find which code is being skipped by system due to filter reasons or value reasons.

there are few more tips to use the debugger, when you dont know from where the error is actually coming, open the respective object in design mode, press F9 at particular functions or triggers (like OnValidate).

Then start debugger (dont start breakpoint), debugger will take you directly to the code where you have that red dot/circle.

then pressing F5 or F8, you can get idea, within which sections of code you are getting error…!!!

You will always get more, once you explore the thing more…!!! - Remember this.

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