Debugger keeps asking!!!

hi friends,

When using the Ctrl-Break to stop the execution this dialogbox pops up:

“Are you sure that you want to cancel this operation?
To start the Debugger for Microsoft Dynamics, press and hold SHIFT while
you click No”

Often this dialog keeps popping up no matter what option I select. I have
tried to restart the AOS and the client but i keeps popping up when I restart
When this occures - the only sollution is to restart my computer (not the

The problem i much worse in Ax 4 than prev. version!

Is there a solution to this problem???

Thanks a lot,


Hi ramya,

Just Log Off your system and Log in …



Hi valeru,

Thank you…It got resolved:)



Just Log off your system and Log in or Click on yes and followed by Ctrl+ Break/Pause again

Hi Valeru,

Yes you are right.I just logged off and the problem got solved.

Hi Valeru,

i’ve restarted the system, Issue got resolved… Thanks Valeru [:D]