Debugger could show trigger title bar

This is not the main improvement that the Debugger needs (like being able to set breakpoints, all the time :slight_smile: but it would be useful: When the code for a trigger starts execution, the Debugger usually shows the first line of code at the top of its screen; the title bar is just outside the screen, and I have used the mouse or cursor countless times to go up just one line to check which trigger I’m in. So I suggest that the Debugger show the trigger title bar when it starts executing trigger code. Talking about title bars, they don’t always have space for all the function parameters, and I can’t use View-Locals in the Debugger, so some menu item for seeing the parameters, and their type, would be great. And in the case of arrays, some way of seeing all the array values (not just ArrayVar[1], as at present) would also be appreciated. Alastair