Debit Memos in AP - have a problem

Using AX 2009

Here’s the scenario.

We need to settle an invoice in AP with a Debit memo issued internally for whatever reason. We cannot use the normal “Reverse Transaction” in this case to just get rid of it.

If I enter another offsetting invoice as a Debit it will zero them out but I am unable to settle them because the AP Payment journal offsets to zero and AX won’t post them. If this is the answer, do I set my system up to allow 0 amount journals to be posted?

If I enter a AP Payment Journal and settle it with some type of memo I can’t have the Bank as the offset becasue it will then look like cash is leaving our accounts when it isn’t. If this is the answer, what would I offset it with?

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all and Happy New Year.


If transaction is not getting reversed, i will suggest you to make a correction voucher which reverses the transaction of posted enter.

After this, you can use open transaction editing and settle the invoice with correction entry.


Hi Pranav,

Thanks for your help. I understand about putting in the correctioin voucher which reverses the transaction fo the posted. I understand this as entering in a debit at the AP Invoice Journal. What I’m confused about is the open transaction editing and settleing the invoice with a correcton entry. Wher do I find this? I’m looking all over AP and can’t figure how.


I figured it out Pranav. Thanks so much for your help.