Debit and credit

What is the page and the table responsible of debit and credit?

I mean when a credit or debit is made which table or page is used ??

TY :slight_smile:

What do you mean by debit and credit?

You can check it by activating Code Coverage which will show all objects covered in that process?

Hi Oussama,

It depends on transactions you posted.

You will get debit & credit amount in G/L Entry,Vendor Ledger Entry ,Customer Ledger Entry tables

As well as would like to know what is exactly you are looking for ??

I mean that i want to modify some code when i post a transaction to G/L…

ex : if (Some condition =true )then post

else don’t post the sales invoice or transaction…

You can check Codeunit 80 for Sales Invoice example.

Please investigate in demo database…

You need to analyze before doing any changes in standard code unit routine .

Like What condition you required and Where you want to write that ?

Why user required this ??