Dear Filter on Inventory

Hi All

My qeustion is : How do i apply Date Filter to Inventory by Location form

Version of use Nav 3.6,



Hi Satich,

The Inventory by Location form using the Item flowfield Inventory. This flowfield does not depend on a date filter.

What do you what to acheive?

Hi Dave

Thanks for you reply.

I want to see the stocks based on the date filter.

I have created a new databsae and new company recently, In other companies of different database i can see date filter controling invetory by location and for that i can see code units like updatematrix() and inventorydrilldown() functions. I have exported the Inventory by location form the other company and imported to the new company i hv created, the date filter is not working like in other.

What couldbe the problem.



Because in standard NAV, the Date Filter is not part of the calcformula of the Inventory field. If this is the case in certain databases that you work with, this has been modified. Personally I would advise against this, since a LOT of NAV functionality depends on proper working standard flowfields. I would add a new Inventory flowfield that does include the Date Filter.

Hi Satish,

Check the other databases for modifications -on the form and also on the Inventory field on the item table

Hi Dave / Den

If i have to create a new form for Item by Location with the date filter functionality, how do i i do that. Pls explain in detail.

My other database is totally customised so i dont want to carry any of the objects into the new database.