DD Job Monitor Status ErrInsert while processing large number of records.


This is my first post here so hi to everyone.

Sorry if this is not the right place to post my question!

I work for a medium size company that’s using Dynamics NAV 2017 for HO and Dynamics NAV / LS Retail software for our retail needs.

I’m quite new to the field but as far as I understand one of our pos terminals has a problem with the SQL data base.

We run DD in order to transfer data to and from the HO.

First time I noticed the problem was when I saw error “There’s not enough disk space to process the job”. After a while I realized the process that updates information about the articles and prices on the pos terminal is no accepted on that device.

On the job monitor I can see the number of records that are to be affected and the pattern for every not accepted tranfer is the same - if the number of records affected is larger than 10 000 for example it get the error message.

I’m uploading a picture of the job monitor screen.

Every time it returns the error there’s a SQL dump files created in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL13.NAVDEMO\MSSQL\Log. It is generating gigabytes of logs if I don’t cancel the job.

In the event logs I can see the DB name and type of error 1004 wich after I checked relates to the SQL database.

What I did try to do is make a backup of the DB, restore, shrink it, sync. schemas, re-check the settings for the DD but the end result is the same.

Did try to experiment to send the sub jobs one by one to the device - it works but then I check all to be sent there by schedule only this device gets the error.

Does any one knows what ErrInsert status for Database means and where should I look for the problem?


This is really something you should take directly with LS - The problem is way to tied to the LS Retail add-on.

Also I would say this is something that you would have to pay for to get fixed.