dbreadonly on client.. how does it work?

I have external users I have been assigned to allow into our database. I do not ever want these users to be able to enter any information into our db. So, I tried using the command line parameter (dbreadonly=yes) on client startup. Nav 3.10 - Native DB. Running on 3.6 executables and clients. The only problem is that with my id (super), I know I can enter anything I want into the database. [}:)] Is this only true for super users or how does it work? Otherwise, am I missing something on the setup. I want these users to be able to “visit” certain portions of our system but never modify, and I did not want to put alot of customization into the forms to accomplish the same result. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Owen Mc Donald

You do not need any kind of customization for the required effect. It’s only a question of setting permissions… You must use the items in menu Tools, Security to setup these Users and assign them adequate User Roles. In your case, Roles which only allow reading data, and never inserting, modifying or deleting. It will probably make sense to create a new Role for these Users. For more information and accurate procedures please refer to the “Installation & System Management” manual (w1w1ism.pdf) found on the Doc folder of your Product CD. There is a chapter on Security - chapter 4, I think… Best of luck, bye

The read only paramater works only on the server. It is generally only used when there is a problem, and you are trying to recover a database.

Just before every one else gets in … Navision is client server. When you run a local database, within the Client, it launches the server, this is how it is possible to run multiple clients locally on the same database, so when you enter Server paramaters in a client, they are actually passing to the server. So yes the paramaters are only valid for the server, its irrelevant weather the server is running locally or on another server.

Thanks everyone. It appears that I was confused on the function of the dbreadonly property. I have begun assigning specific permissions to an extern-user role, which will work. I will still need to burn a few new objects to keep the users censored. Thanks again. Owen