Colud anyone help me?! I have such problem. I should import data from database file xxxxxx.dbf into Navision table. What way is most simple? AiNu With regards, AiNuKoVarNjemties

Go to http://www.mynavision.net follow the link “Downloads” and search for “dBase”. You’ll find a dBase conversion tool provided by Andreas M.P. Lundin. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Use ADO (or DAO). Make your own OCX (based on ADO) and work with ANY databases through ADO. Very simple.

Hi, Well as u know that a DBF file can be opened in MS Excel which can be saved in a CSV format thru Excel, and can be imported thru a Dataport. Simple isnt it, should work. Regards Vishal

Thanks for your big help, my friends! With regards, AiNuKoVarNjemties