Hi, we want to use dbCALLFIELDCODE in a function from company (A) on a table-variable which was set to an other company (B) by dbSELECTCOMPANY. In the fieldcode other tables are used. These other tables still recieve the records from company A where the function is started. But we want the records from the company B! Is there a solution? Marc

Hi Marc, Unfortunately the only way to do it is to set the companyname in each table with coding. This can be done with a function that fills a global variable with the name of company B: In Table B: ChangeComp(CompNameLcl : Text[50]) CompNameGbl := CompNameLcl; In Table A: TableB.ChangeComp(‘CompanyNameB’); TableB.CHANGECOMPANY(‘CompanyNameB’); // Maybe not needed TableB.AFunction; Whenever you use a Record in Table B you can simply change the company when necessary: AFunction() IF CompNameGbl <> ‘’ THEN Rec3.CHANGECOMPANY(CompNameGbl); Regards, Reijer.