DB file Vs Log file


I am curious and needs to ask you…

I have a navision Ver 4 SP2, and our DB file is about 54Gb and log file is 47Gb.

do you think my log file is a reasonable.?

usually the log file is growing after we re-index etc…

can anyone tell me what is your DB file and log file?

our navision containes:


client module,Resident,rostering,scheduling. – These are extra module which attach to it.



That sounds a bit much for that size database, but it certainly doesn’t hurt anything. The log file can be maintained by setting the recovery model and implementing a backup schedule. In simple recovery model, the log file gets truncated automatically when you run a full backup. For all other recovery models you need to do a log backup to truncate it. If yu have this backup schedule in place, just leave the log file as it is. It might not be completely used but at least that way it won’t get fragmented.

we do 15 minutes transaction log backup.

we are in full recovery model.

what I suspect is something to do with the extra modules which are not part of standard navision.( Rostering/scheduling/client/resident)

so in order to do this, I would like to know from you out there who just used standar navision ( I mean GL/Payabale/Receivable/FA/Inventory)

what is your DB and Log size?