DB Access Boolean Datatype - Yes No Property

Hello, I have to create an Access DB from Navision. I use this kind of statement : CREATE TABLE … ‘R_FLAG1 BIT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,’+… //BOOLEAN ok For Boolean datatypes in Navision, I create ‘BIT’ datatype in Access. It seems to work, but… How can I define on this field an additinal property FORMAT Yes/No, so that the table shows me the values Yes or No and Not -1 and 0 ? TIA, ps : Where can I find examples and documentation about DB Access Properties on the www, especialy the ‘hidden values’ ?

Is there AnyBodyOutThere ?[Yeah!] No more MS-Access users ? [?]

This sounds more like an Access Issue than a Navision Issue. [V]

Maybe you can try msdn.microsoft.com Just type the command you want to use and you get tons of infos. I use this when I am programming in MS-Office. Regards, Mark Brummel

Thank you for your replies. I’m in Navision with automation controls and I’m looking for the SQL Statement "CREATE TABLE … " to : - create a new table in MS-Access - containing a boolean field - defined with the format property “Yes/No” Ex.: CREATE TABLE gtex250_TableName ( No_ VARCHAR(20), My_FLAG1 YesNo, PRIMARY KEY (No_) ) Without this format “Yes/No”, the boolean field values (My_FLAG1 YesNo) are displayed as ‘-1’ for YES and ‘0’ for NO. TIA for any hint ps: I don’t find this on msdn.microsoft.com

Hey Louis, even though you are in Navision writing code, the Automation comes from Access, so its the access side of it you need to check out. If you have installed access, and the VB help, then you should be able to find the help file for Access VB, and in it you will find the commands you are after.