DAX2009 - Purchase Req Workflow Help

Hi Folks,

I need some guidance on how to configure our workflow.

Here is our company hierarchy with example limits:

CEO - unlimited

CFO - 500,000

[Controller - 50,000] - Used in second portion of workflow, ALL reqs must be approved by Controller

VPs - none

Directors - 50,000

Managers - 5,000

Employees - none

We would like to split the workflow like this:

First stage: Employee submits req, and it is taken through the hierarchy until the VP level. After VP level the req should go through the controller, then CFO, and CEO.




If Req is for $50 then Manager and Controller must approve

If Req is for $7500 then Manager and Director and Controller must approve

If Req is for $150,000 then Manager, Director, VP, Controller, CEO must sign

I have tried numerous configurations but cannot get exactly this behaviour. (The second phase was simple, I have set up 3 steps, 1 for controller, must always approve, 1 step for CFO only execute when PR.Amount >50,000, 1 step for CEO only execute when PR.Amount >500,000…

The problem seems to occur as a result of the stop condition for the first hierarchy portion. I have tried setting the LineManagerLevel = 0 and 1 but the reqs will skip the hierarchy or not pass the hierarchy when they get to VP and then error out due to no assigned ‘reports to position’ for the VP. (I have set the VPs to not have any report to position to stop the hierarchy reporting there). My current stop condition is (Where ApprovalLimit >= PR.Amount) OR (LineManagerLevel = 1)

What would you recommend the stop condition be? Should I change back to VPs report to CFO and just find some other way to wedge the Controller approval between VP and CEO?

Any recommendations appreciated!

I have solved the problem the only way I could find…

I have made the VP level have extremely high limits so that DAX does not stop at their level with the error ‘Position not found’ after they sign off.

I am surprised that no one suggested implementing a faux limit to ensure that the hierarchy could be exited? I have found no documentation on how to set an ‘unlimited’ approver in the hierarchy and leaving limits blank only results in a stopped workflow.