DAX 2012 R2 dimensionDefaultingControllerTable


ok, we create a financials dimensions tab on a ax 2012 form -

lets think we have 4 dimensions - so 4 comboboxes, if i change 1 value and i want to add code which would fire after i change “Departament” dimension value, where should i put the code ?

DS DefaultDimension field Modified method doesnt fire,

Controls are generated by DimensionDefaultingController::constructInTabWithValues so i cant reach “modified” method on them

dimensionDefaultingControllerLine.dimensionLinkChangeEnumValue += eventhandler(torFinDimCheck::check);

doesnt work too

The modification of dimension attribute value triggers this method,


One solution would be to implement your own class that extends the DimensionDefaultingController, where you can override the handleValueModified to implement you own logic

notifyValuesChanged method → not handleValueModified :slight_smile: but thanks :slight_smile: