DAX 2009 x E-commerce

Dear friends,

Our company now has an e-commerce, but all sales made through him, are thrown manually in DAX 2009.
I know there are some connectors to integrate the two solutions.
I wonder if anyone uses this connector, which is, and how it was implemented.
A paid connector is required or there is a way to adapt one.

Thank you very much.


AIF Document Services may be a good choice, although it always depends on your particular requirements.

Dear Martin,

once again, thanks for the agility to respond here.
What we need in our company is that all purchases made in e-commerce, automatically become sales orders in DAX 2009. Therefore, taking into account that the E-commerce should always be updated with inventory and customer base.
I read something here: http://www.i95dev.com/magento-ax-connect/
It looked interesting.
I thought there was a tool that was only necessary to parameterize the field.
Something a little more streamlined, since it had negative experiences trying to deploy e-commerce before.


Every integration is unique, therefore you can’t reasonably expect to get something that can be connected to any possible system with a few clicks. Nevertheless AIF documents exposed though web services gives you an option how to easily make your own integration. Look at Creating sales orders via AIF in AX2012 to get some idea about how easy it can be (in an over-simplified case, though).

If you use Magento, you surely can take a look what the third-party company has to offer.

Or you can give up integration with your existing e-commerce and look for something that already supports integration with AX 2009.

Many thanks Martin!

I’ll delve more studies, however, I believe that we need a partner to develop. I want to help and understand better.