DAX 2009 Label files


I noticed that after installation of DAX, there are several label files that were automatically created for different languages (ex. axSYSen-US.ald, axSYSfr.ald, axSYSnl.ald, etc. I did not see any option during install that asked me to select only the language/s that I want to install, or did I miss something?

If this is indeed default behavior, I am just curious why this is so ? … it just seems a waste of space and files, if you will not use those languages ever.


No of Labels files are depending upon your licence.

Later, if you decide to use additional languages, you can do that immediately or just import an appropriate license file - you don’t have to install the languages from AX installation media.

It may be a bit of waste, but I’ve never consider it a problem.


Good question. Microsoft Dynamics AX as a global ERP product has the ability to cater to demands and requirements from organisations all over the world. This is the reason AX automatically creates label files for all languages during installation.

Later when the license file is loaded, label files will be restricted to the languages in the license file.

This way in future when additional languages are required, there is no need to run the installation again.

Hi all,

Thanks for the insight. Thanks for the insight. Regarding the license file, I have some screenshots below. My license code does not show I have rights for arabic, but when I tried it on the label editor, I am able to create labels for that language. Why is this so?

Developers are allowed to do a lot of things. Even if this was prevented, you could always change .ald files directly - they contain plain text. But the license doesn’t allow end users to use such a language.