Dates with ODBC

Any ideas? Using Query, the dates being imported through ODBC are coming through as 2000-06-01. Will not accept this format when running a criteria. Syntax Error. Both Server and Client regional settings are correct

Have you chosen “Custom” as the regional settings and set them up dd/MM/yyyy or whatever you want. sometimes even though the settings are there, you need to create a custom one for it to work.??? John Curtain Business Analyst HLB Consulting - Information Systems Level 32, Nauru House 80 Collins St Melb VIC 3000 Ph: +61 3 9258 6745 Fax: +61 3 9258 6722 Mob: 0411 511 951

Thanks John, can’t say exactly what it was, but did as you said, but also the server had the date separator as “/” and the client as “-” Now it still shows in query as 2000-06-01, but allows a criteria to be added