dates relate to sales order

Dear All,
I would like to ask you fields relate to sales order:

  1. requested delivery date (rdd)
  2. promised delivery date (pdeld)
  3. planned delivery date (pldd)
  4. planned shipment date (psd)
  5. shipment date (sd)
  6. outbound whse handling time (owht)
  7. shipping time (st)

I have tested with the results as follows (work date is today’s date):

  1. rdd = 071906
  2. pdeld = 072006
  3. pldd = 072106
  4. psd = 072006
  5. sd = 071006
  6. owht = 1D
  7. st = 1D

From Nav. trade 3.7 I’ve read in page 8-4, it’s written: “If a requested delivery date exists, the planned delivery date will be the same.”, is it true ? because I’ve seen and tested that pldd is not as same as rdd. I wonder why could it be happened…? and when will it become the same…?
I expected so much your answers.


Here is what the help says, basically the different dates are calculated depending on different setup parameters. You set some of the parameters in Warehouse set, outbound time, there are planning lead times on the item card, so if the item is not in stock it uses that to calculate the fastest you can get it from the vendor. So, it is a combination of a lot of differenct setup parameters, hope this helps.

Navision 4.0 help file information

The program will calculate the earliest possible date that an item on a sales order line can be shipped and/or delivered.

If the customer has requested a specific delivery date, the program calculates the date on which the items must be available to pick to allow delivery on this date.

If the customer does not request a specific delivery date, the program calculates the date on which the items can be delivered, starting from the date the items are available for picking.

Promising a Requested Delivery Date

When you enter a requested delivery date on the sales line, the program uses this date as the starting point for the following calculation:

Requested Delivery Date - Shipping Time = Planned Shipment Date

Planned Shipment Date - Outbound Whse. Handling Time= Shipment Date

The program checks if the items are available to pick on the shipment date.

If the items are available to pick on the shipment date, the process can continue.

If the items are not available to be picked on the shipment date, the stock-out warning appears.

Promising the Earliest Possible Delivery Date

If there is no requested delivery date on the sales line, or if the requested delivery date cannot be met, the program finds the earliest date that the items are available. It then enters this date in the Shipment Date field and calculates the date you plan to ship the items as well as the date they will be delivered to the customer, using the following formulas:

Shipment Date + Outbound Whse. Handling Time = Planned Shipment Date

Planned Shipment Date + Shipping Time = Planned Delivery Date

Dear Friend,

I am happy for your reply and answer. But I’ve sent all of them. but still got the problem



Hi Mark

The manual is correct. If you enter a requested delivery date then this is the planned delivery date. If however you then enter other dates this makes the statement incorrect. Depending upon the order of the dates entered and what you have entered along with your settings will determine the outcome of the line dates. Do not enter all of the dates, then enter a line, see the date, then enter another date in the header and update the lines and you will see the change.

Dear Steven, All,

Tks a lot for your answer. yes you are right about what you have said. I did that, I thought it will also automatically changes according to what I filled in either one or two of the fields. That’s made me confusing or give me problem. So, which one is better then, I set the dates in the header then let the system changes dates in the line and if sudden changes in dates come, I also do directly in the header. I await your reply then it solved after you give more better conclusion or answers. Sorry for bother.



Hi Mark

I am afraid the answer depends upon you [:D] You use the fields you want to, fill them in how you want within your processes. Ultimately of course you want the final delivery date to mirror when you are delivering the goods, and any alterations to cascade through. Many users do not use all the fields or settings, but they are there if you want to use them!


Hi Steven, All

It’s ok then and my question is resolved now. Thank you for all explanations given. I am very exciting now