DateFormula in NAV2013

Hi All,

Today I encountered different behaviour of DateFormula field in NAV2013 from NAV2009R2
I hope you guys can help me.

My scenario is:
We have a table with Primary Key Item No., Customer No. and DateFormula (developed long back, i am upgrading to NAV2013)

and its called from Item card with RunPageLink as Item No.=FIELD(No.)

I created new line in above table with DateFormula as blank.

When I try to open the page again, I am getting below error message

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The supplied DateFormula does not contain the correct length.

Page Edit - xxx must close.


Its working fine without error in NAV2009R2.

Is it a BUG or Technical change in NAV2013?

Microsoft product team has accepted it as a Bug and working on fix.
Will keep you updated.

Here is the link for solution

KB Article ID : KB2807205