Dateformula in AX

I want to ask is there any data type in Axapta, which is equivalent to Dateformula data type in Navision?### with regards,### harivalla

Can u explain that Dateformula of Navision with an example because i dont know about Navision so that i can help you to find out equivalent in Axapta ?

I will now try to explain my problem in details: We have a table where we keep information about employees in our company. One of the fields is “Hiring date”. We need a new field, where we can enter so called “Attestation period”. For example “6M”, which means that the employee has to be attestated in 6 months since the hiring date. This type of field is called dateformula in Navision. It can have values like “1M-2D+2W” which stands for one month, minus 2 days, plus 2 weeks. It is used to calculate dates, based on other days. I hope you got what I type of field I want. So is there such type, or type which is similar to what I want and with some modification can be used as Navision dateformula type.