DateEffectivenessCheck has no valid runable code in setParameters()


When I try to create a new employee the following error shows up

May I know the issue?


Its stating that there is an error in the method setParamaeters of class DateEffectivenessCheck. I suggest you to check what customization is done in that method.

Compile the code. Either there is a compilation error (which you’ll have to fix) or the code hasn’t been compiled correctly and the compilation will fix the problem.

If it’s not a development environment, you have a bug in your deployment process.

I cleared it, Thanks Wekey.

Please tell us what was wrong, it may help others with similar problems.

Thanks, Martin.

In setparameter method


COmpiled the code and now I can create a new employee.

Also there is an error showed up like there is more incomplete start and end time


Initially I didn’t filled this tab, I think that error is from this field.
May I know why this fields are important?