Date time will not appear after export to excel

Hi All,

why the datetime cannot appear after export to excel?

Any format need to use for display datetime?

Thank you.

Use like this.

XlSheet.Range(‘A1’).Value:=FORMAT(Date value,0,0);

Hi, Kathik D, still not working[:(]

I try to debug, the date time value is null but table there actualy got value, only this column got problem…[:(]

What is the field class of this date field?


I checked, the datetime column is get from a datetime picker…

I drop down the column…and it come from a datetime picker

Hi, Use dateValue() method to read the date from DateEdit control. Also you can consider using date2str and str2date functions in order to export the date value as datetime or a string respectively.


Can you show me some example?

Because I cannot find any example in C/SIDE Reference Guide

First calculate the date from datetime by using the following function

Date := DT2DATE(Datetime)

and then export


The field still blank…

Do you have any other idea?

“PV Job Material Requirement” is the same record or different record?

If you try

Message(’%1’,“PV Job Material Requirement”.“Requested Delivery Date”);

are you getting any datetime?

Define the number format when you are passing the Dete time field to XL sheet


Xlwrksht.Range(FORMAT(ColumnName)+FORMAT(Row)).NumberFormat :=“m/d/yyyy”.


Xlwrksht.Range(FORMAT(ColumnName)+FORMAT(Row)).NumberFormat :="[$-F400]h:mm:ss AM/PM"

U can find these formats in XL by using MACROS…


It is blank…

but the other column got value.[:(]

is Message(’%1’,“PV Job Material Requirement”.“Requested Delivery Date”); blank?

if yes, what r u expecting from blank? does it has value? check in table.

But table there got value.

Where did you get PV Job Material Requirement record?

this problem is not with excel, you are not getting the correct record to export

Which field do u want…?

i very curious, why the other columns from the same table will not blank, only this column blank…[:(]

thanks for your guys helping…

Can you show us the total coding and screenshot of the table record

Hi All,

I solved the problem.

I use CALCFIELD method.

Thanks for helping…[:D]