Date time parameters are disabled on report dialog box

Hi All,

I created a new environment of AX 2012 R2. There I created a new company apart from DAT one.

Now in ‘Sales and Marketing’ module I want to run the ‘Pipeline Analysis’ report. In the new company, the ‘From date’ and ‘To date’ filters are coming disabled and blank. As these fields are mandatory, I can not proceed. But in the DAT company both filters are enabled and have values.

When I opened the report in Visual Studio, I found below expressions set for the filters-

From date- System.DateTime.Today().AddYears(-1)

To date- Today()

Have anyone come across this kind of issue or any guidance for this why the date filters are coming disabled and blank for new company as they are enabled and have values in the DAT company? The date parameters in few other reports are also disabled.

A screenshot of the disabled parameters is attached.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Mahesh, Did you ever figure out what the underlying issue was on this? We currently have the exact same problem on other analysis server reports. Thanks!

Try processing the cubes and re run the report.