date range for report


I am required to do a report on quarantine table. The report should bring up quarantine orders with packing slips posted between a date range.

the date range is from “report last run” to “current time

Any ideas how to do this?



Quarantines orders will not be created against a packing slip. you will not get any relation between them.

The quarantine orders are created against a purchase order line…

Yeah i got that part thanks.

My concern is about the defaulting the date range


Why do you want take a report from last run date to the current date?

The last run date will not be stored any where…

The user wants to run the report every time and see how many unfinished quarantine orders (or say items in quarantine) are there.

The report is run again once the items in the report are taken care of and we want to run the report for time period starting just with the end of last period.


This can be done by applying a filter on Quarantine Order status.(Don’t take ended quarantine orders)


For the date thing, may be i should look into user data because I am not storing report run date in the table.