Date is not setting in Ax 2012r2 using AIF service

I am creating the service subscription in AX 2012 R2 useing Custom AIF service through .net application.

Service Subscription record is creating in Ax but unable to set startdate and lastended date.

any one can give me solution.

Thank you

We won’t be able to give you any solution unless tell us more about your problem.

If you debug your custom service, do you get the dates from the service? If you do, your problem is not related to the web service and it’s in your X++ code. Debug and fix it.

If you don’t get any value, the problem is in how you’re setting parameters to the service or somewhere in serialization; it clearly has nothing to do with writing subscription records in AX.

You can see that just a trivial piece of debugging allows you to ignore a half of what you’re dealing with right now. It’s extremely difficult to resolve a problem if you don’t even know where it is.