Date Format


I have a customer who wants their dates formatted in a very specfic way I.E 02 Mar 09

When I use the command line

String := format(workdate,0,7)

it would return 2. Mar 2009

Does anybody know how to return exactly the data I’m after?

Thanks in advance.

Date format in Forms depends on Windows Regional settings (not only Date, the same is true for Currency, Numbers etc). In your case for Date it should then be “dd mmm yy” and date delimiter is “Space”.

If you mean Reports - then you can control the formatting yourself.

Try String := format(workdate, 0, ‘<day, 2> <year, 2>’).

Thats great, thanks

i want date format will be APR/2010

i am following this , FORMAT(TODAY,0,’’)

But it is displaying APRIL 2010,

Can any one help me on this

check the c/side help & look at property “format” it will show you many ways to use format


Try this