Date format updation

Hai all

This is anil kumar, I am using navision 3.7 .

My database size 30GB. Upto now we entering date format like 12/30/2008(mm/dd/yyyy).

But I would like to change date format 30-Dec-2008(dd/mmm/yyyy).

Please give suggession how to change the date fromt like dd/mmm/yyyy.



NAV uses date format (and all other formatting setings, too EXCEPT Digit grouping symbol) as set in Control Panel / Regional & Language options. Change the settings thru Control panel as you like.

PS I don`t know why Digit Grouping symbol is an exception - maybe someone knows the reason? It sometimes causes problems with CtrlC-CtrlV to Excel.

Modris, the reason for this is that Windows uses a thousands separator that is not a space, just looks that way.
Replace it in regional settings with a space and your copying will work fine.

(Windows is not using a space to prevent line breaks in the middle of a number in the Office programs.)