Date Format Problem

Hi, i`m using a dataport for importing a text file (i.e. data from SQL) in to navision but while importing i want to check system date format and accordingly format date before inserting it. Has anyone done it? when i export data using dataport i can specify date format in which i want to export i.e system date format is dd/mm/yyyy but still i can export it as dd/mm/yyyy, using format property,but when i import same exported text file date problem comes up? i dont want force client to use any specific dateformat. Regards, Rajesh

You could for instance read the date into at text-var, split it with COPYSTR and EVALUATE into integer-vars and then use DMY2DATE-function. Very manual, but it works…

Hi Anfinnur, Eventhough bit of coding is required.It works… Thanks Regards, Rajesh

Best solution is export data in the same format as you need simple as that

Hi Jags, What u suggested is right but problem is that it (Importing data) is a sort of periodic activity and can be performed by any of three users and all have different system date setting.Thats why… Regrads, Rajesh