Date format in Microsoft dynamics NAV windows client to web client

Hi Team,

I was uploading some data into NAV in the web client which is working fine but I have challenged when uploading into windows client, error message: “The value “06/29/2012” can’t be evaluated into type Date”. And the date format is mm/dd/yyy while the system is seeing the date format as dd/mm/yyy. I need your assistance in date format of the system. Thanks.

In the web client, if you do to the settings, what it says in work date? what format is that?

The changes should be from the system not NAV

yes you can correct the changes in the system obviously. what i wanted to understand is why there is difference in web client and windows client date formats, date formats should be same if you have them on same system - i might not have understood the issue

Remember, web client is using Server date format. While prepare a report and I selected a date which it pick the date format of the windows client dd/mm/yyy. Thanks.

I have solved it by clicking Notification - Setting - Time & Language - Change date and time format - Short Date (I added the date format here MM/dd/yyyy) – Windows 10 desktop.

good issue has been resolved. thats what i was trying to ask you to check in the settings of web client, what was the format? :slight_smile:

Have sent a request. Please private chat with you, Sir