Date Format Error

Hi I have installed the Axapta Demo on my PC, but whenever i open n login to Axapta it gives me an error of Invalid Date. Can anyone help me on this. Vishal NCSD

If you have Axapta 2.5 you’ll have to install SP2…

And where can I get SP2 for Axapta…well I am an absolute newbee in Axapta and I want to learn development in Axapta. Any help would be apprecited.

If you are a Navision partner, you can enter the page and download it from there. If you are not you’ll have to contact your Navision provider, and get it from them. Good luck.

We are not Navision Partner, but we are an NSC. Thanx a ton

A partner is a NSC. You should also be able to download this from your local NTR’s web pages as can be done for US partners (NSCs). By the way to fix your immediate problem set the date back to December 2001 to load the current license and go through the initial setup. At least then you can look at Axapta. Then as John mentioned you need to load SP2. By the way SP3 is also out and I suggest you load that also. SP3 changes the name from Damgaard Axapta to Navision Axapta. /Michael

I’m was in same situation :wink: And You can get SP2/SP3 for Axapta for free at

I really appreciate your help Thank you so much. Vishal