Date Filter on Report

Good Day Everyone,

Is it possible to set a date filter on Item.‘Date filter’?
The data item of the report that I created is Item table.
On the OnafterGetRecord() section of the report I want to be able to add code where I can filter on the “Item Ledger entry”.“posting date”.
I tried the below but it didnt work
ItemLedgerEntry.SETFILTER(“Posting Date”,Item.GETFILTER(“Date Filter”));

So for example if a user when they run the report puts in the following date ‘010112…031212’ the report should only filter for “Item Ledger Entries” within those dates.



Itemledgerentry.setrange(“Posting Date”,Getrangemin(“Date Filter”),Getrangemax(“Date Filter”));

Or a little easier use the COPYFILTER function:

Item.COPYFILTER(“Date Filter”, ItemLedgerEntry.“Posting Date”);