Date filter is not sticking for the year 2010 in NAV 5.0


I work for a company that uses NAV 5.0. We have an inventory availability screen used by everyone to check on stock levels, future purchase orders, and sales orders. I have the date view set to “Balance at date” and “12 Months”, which would normally allow me to see purchase orders and sales orders scheduled over the next year. Now when I look at the 12 month view on the inventory availability screen it only shows me the current date to “12/31/09” (the work date in NAV is set to 12/15/09). I can change the date filter manually to extend to the year 2010, but my filter does not hold when I exit this screen and try to re-enter it. I’m completely at a loss, and I’m not sure how to fix this. This look-up screen is very important to everyone, so I would appreciate any insight. Has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks in advance,

  • Courtney

Hi Courtney,

There is coding in this form (assuming that you are using the standard Item Availability by Location form) to reset the date filter (in my version it’s using the accounting calendar) - you will need your partner to amend this if you want the amended date range to stick.

Check that the Accounting Period Calendar is setup for 2010, in the UK we use a different GB Calendar setup objects, but you should find the ‘Accounting Periods’ in General Setup, Financial Management or Adminstration, this will depend on which version of Dynamics NAV.

Alternate Option: Run form 100 Accounting Periods and create the Accounting Period entries, that is if you cannot find it on a Menu (Form 10505 in the GB Version)