Date fields in C/ODBC

A client has reported a strange difference in the results of a C/ODBC query between versions 2.00 and 2.60. A date field has been added to the customer table. A data query in excel using C/ODBC to return records where the value of the field ‘is null’ use to work in 2.00, but now in 2.60, the query does not return any records because fields with no date (0D) are picked up in excel as 1753-01-01. Is this a known issue/change since version 2.00? They are running on C/SIDE, C/ODBC Driver Dean Hilliard Aston Naviteam Pty Ltd

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I am not sure about this, but my best guess is that the reason for this is that 0D (an empty date field) at least in SQL server is set to 01.01.1753 wich is the earliest valid date that SQL server will recognize. So i think this in some way is connected to what your user is seeing in his Excel sheet. Inge M. Bruvik