Date error

Dear User,

We have a problem while closing the Database for Nav 2009 Sp1. Its shows an error date is not valid. Can anybody help me in solving this error.



Can you please give more information? did you check the system date and the work date?

Dear Shona,

I checked the date, If a DB has more than one company. In any of the company if the work date is not same to the syatem date, it throughs this error.

I checked and changed the date for the companies. The error didnt come. This may be the error.

Thanks shona.

oh no dear…system date and the work date can differ…though 'm glad your problem is solved.


Go to the Control Pannel->Reginoal and language option and check your the format of short date.

set it to correct. If the date format is correct do the below one.

break point on LogInEnd function of ApplicationManagment codeunit and check where you getting error


Jerome Marshal.J

Thank you marshal will test your suggestion and will revert you as soon as possible.